Crossfit Station
About crossfit station
This sports complex is universal and can be installed both outdoors and indoors! All simulators can be selected according to the client's wishes and placed in different places. The advantages of this complex: mobility, maximum functionality, thanks to which every sportsman, regardless of the type of sport, will be able to make his training as effective as possible! You will be able to pump all the muscles of the body and become stronger! We think that this sports complex should be in every school, in every park, in every recreation area. Color and equipment at the customer's choice. Such a training complex will allow you to train on the fresh air and always be healthy and strong! We develop sports with you!
List of elements
  • Burn machine
    A dynamic horizontal bar that moves on bearings and creates forward movement.
  • Rack for push-ups
    It has different grips in width and height for maximum load on all the muscles of the back, arms and chest.
  • Universal horizontal bar
    Horizontal bar is with different grips and 7 types of load.
  • Crossfit horizontal bar
    Horizontal bar with 4 load groups.
  • Barbell 8-12 kg
    It has a movable joint, so it can move in different directions and at different angles. There's also a rubber carpet to preserve the equipment's paint.
  • Bench for abs
    Bench for abs allows you to pump up the muscles of the press as much as possible
  • 45 Degree Hyperextension
    Hyperextension is the most important exerciser! Helps to make back muscles strong and reliable.
  • Monkey bars
    There are three types of monkey bar. One of them with rings, additionally develops dynamic and distance.
  • 45 degree monkey bar
    45 degree monkey bar is dynamic and exhausting. You have to move along it by jumping up and down. It trains the strength of arms and back, also works all other muscles of the body.
  • Chest press
    Develops chest muscles, biceps, shoulders and back muscles under your own weight.
  • Push chair
    Push chair trains the chest, back, arms and shoulder muscles. The load is created due to your own weight, additional handles allow for different loads.
  • Pull chair
    Pull chair trains the muscles of the arms, back and chest. The load is created due to your own weight.
  • Monkey bar with balls
    Monkey bar with balls is designed for movement on balls, allows you to train hands, grip, muscles of the whole body and endurance.
  • Swedish wall
    Swedish wall includes parallel bars and dip leg raise. The simulator allows you to stretch, train the muscles of the arms, back and lower part of abs
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